Happy 64: Dee Dee Ramone

DD Ramone.jpeg

If you're ever in the Boston area, Cambridge is a great place to explore, there are all sorts of wonderful little shops. One of my favorite is this place called Follow the Honey. As you can probably infer from the title, it's full of all sorts of exciting honeys. They even have a couple on tap, usually something local and something exotic, each equally unique and delicious. Anyway, my husband and I were in there the other day when I heard the tell tale jangle of dog tags. Sure enough hiding behind the counter was a diminutive black pooch, like if someone had tried to make a miniature pit bull. This was D.D. Ramone.

According to his person, who worked in the shop, Ramone was a southern gentleman. She hadn't really even set out to get a dog. She was just surfing the web, looking at adorable adoptable dogs when she stumbled on Alpha Dog Rescue and Ramone's profile. He was just a wee pup at that point, a few weeks out from even being adoptable and she fell in love with him. His parents were a Boston Terrier and a Chihuahua living in the wilds of one of the Southern states, half starved and trying to raise a litter of puppies. The group had brought them back to civilization and trucked them up North where it's easier to get a dog a forever home. She took him in at 8 weeks. The cats in the house weren't sure what to do with him at first, but quickly warmed up to him.

Like his owner, Ramone is a bit reserved and shy, but sweet as can be. He comes into the honey shop most days to be with his mistress and is just as happy as can be.

Author: Marjorie Skiba

Orator: Erin lives in Somerville, MA with her canine companion and three cats.  When not slinging sweet nectar into the hands of locals at Follow the Honey, she is a maker of many things, not limited to, but mostly sculptural fiber work and illustration. An example of her nifty work is below.

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