Happy 58: Anna the Shop Cat

Long ago they'd had a shop cat, a wonderful friendly kitty who enriched their lives and kept their business pest free. She died of old age and was greatly mourned. They loved her so much that they didn't think they wanted another cat, but the years went on and as they fondly remembered her, they wished there was another cat to add cheer to their lives. So finally they took a trip to the local animal shelter to see who was in need of a good home.

Like any animal rescue group, there were many wonderful cats in need of a home. There was one little calico in particular who had been there for quite some time. Longer, in fact, than they usually kept animals there, but she was such a sweetie that they couldn't bring themselves to give up on her and immediately introduced her to anyone walking in looking for a cat. Today was the lucky day. They fell in love with Anna and started the adoption process right away.

That was over six months ago. Anna has now made the shop and apartment above it her home, bringing joy, delight and a rodent free environment to her new family and all the shoppers.

Story based on a conversation with a furniture store owner in Cambridge, MA