Happy 56: Lucky's Tale

"Purr,"? He was now trying to figure out how to talk me into another cat, silly boy. 
We had recently gotten out of a bad situation, so he was worried. While hearing his tale she popped her head out, "Purr,"? 

               On a very cold rainy night in November, my husband was doing food delivery. I have to explain here that we live in SW Ontario Canada and the temperature was hovering around the freezing point. He was going down one street and saw something dead on the center line of the road. Noticing that it was a cat he pulled over to see if there was anything that he could do. He sadly noticed that there was nothing at all that he could do. On the other side of the street there was a sad tableau. A tiny little kitten sat on the curb, she looked across where mama was and then down, at the gutter. Looking closer he saw a larger kitten, probably a male who was also dead. She sat there cold, wet and orphaned. He scooped her up, having no problems doing so, and popped her into his jacket to get warm. He told me that when she stopped shivering she stuck her head out of the jacket to look around. 


"So what do you think,"?

"Of coarse we will keep her, this is why I love you,". 

After giving her a flea bath, I do this because of the infestation that most wilder kittens end up with, and introduction to where the  'boxes' were, we showed her the 'tree'. (see picture) This cat tree came out of my husband's head after viewing numerous cat tree's on line, at a $1,000 price point. 

"I can make that,"! and he did, for around $200, I may add. 

The problem was, she spent all her time, barring food and box breaks, in the tree. After a few weeks like this we resigned ourselves to the fact that she was not multi-cat friendly. We needed to find her a new home where she would be far more happy. After asking around work he found someone that he could introduce to her. When he brought the girl around she fell in love with our little orphan and the feeling was mutual. Lucky almost leapt into her hands when she went to look at her in the tree. After some schooling on: fixing, bathing, litter box do's and don't and what food we had been feeding her, we gave her the left over wet food that we had and a left over scratching post. She and Lucky left.

The girl continued to give us updates on Lucky. She became a happy cat, having all the love for herself. Oh and she kept her name, everyone agreed that was her name, and fortune.

We believe in Karma and that our friends find us, not the other way round.

Author: Laurie D

Photographer: Laurie D

About the Author: Laurie lives in Vancouver with her husband and an assorted number of cats. She loves knitting, sewing baking and gardening.