Happy 57: Tony's Pals


Tony has had many cats over the years, but the golden trio that sticks in his mind the most is Dylan, Tigger and Cheshire. Dylan he got as a kitten. His mother was a real tramp, always hanging with the un-neutered strays and always getting pregnant. Dylan was part of her 9th and last litter (the owners finally realized that any pussycat going outside should be spayed!). He started out as just a tiny little tuxedo kitten, but grew up to be a 22 lbs behemoth.

Dylan's personality was as big as waist line. You could hear him purring clear across the room. He knew Tony's engine signature and would be waiting at the door every day after work. They'd chill on the couch together in the evenings, watch some TV, have a beer...and in general Dylan would just follow him around the house, a constant considerate companion.

At age 11 Dylan was diagnosed with diabetes. He almost died. His weight dropped down to 11 lbs and Tony considered it the best Christmas present ever, when Dylan finally pulled through and got back up to a healthy weight. 

Now as you can probably guess from the title, Dylan wasn't Tony's only cat at the time. He also had the very affectionate Cheshire, who quickly became Dylan's girlfriend. At the time Tony was managing a store in Dorchester, MA. Every time he went to open up, she'd be there, waiting for him and ask for love and to come in out of the cold. Of course he said no, but she'd sneak in after the customers for some warmth both figuratively and literally. Tony kept putting her back out side, but eventually relented, let her spend the day in the back room and took her to his home after work. She fit right in.

The third cat he had at the time was Tigger, naturally an orange tabby. It was a classic story of someone having a baby and without any scientific evidence deciding that the cat was bad for the child and wanting to re-home him. Tony took him in and thus had a full trio of ultra affectionate feline house mate.

Orator: Anthony Rau

Transcriber: Marjorie Skiba

About the Orator: Anthony lives in Whitman, MA and loves to paint. Really really loves to paint. It is both his passion and his career. If you live in the Boston area and want someone who does marine quality interior painting for very affordable rates, give him a call: (781) 821-7467