Happy 54: A Very Scottish Scottie

Deb already had two darling Scotties, one male, one female and both pure black. She'd always fancied having a blonde, but she wasn't going to go out looking for one. Then one found her. An acquaintance down south knew a gentleman who was obsessed with all things Scottish. He dressed in the Scottish manner, decorated his home with all things Scottish and, of course, kept Scotties, whom he also dressed to look appropriately highland. He had found this particular blonde Scottie running loose like any other poor stray and took pity on the pup. He brought him into his home, cleaned him up, took him to the vet, named him Hamish and dressed him in proper Scottie attire. Now this fellow already had a number of Scotties and while he wasn't going to abandon Hamish, thought he'd be happier in a home with less canine competition. So he spread the word and this is how Deb eventually caught wind of him.

So Deb made the long drive to his estate in Georgia. Met Hamish and instantly fell in love. The feeling was mutual and she took Hamish all the way back to her summer abode in Massachusetts where he met his two new doggy siblings and immediately hit it off. The three quickly bonded with each other and became Deb's three loyal Scottie knights. To this day all four of them still happily ever after. It is unclear if Hamish misses wearing kilts.

Author: Deb (as dictated to Marjorie Skiba)

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