Happy 53: Anakin the Real Half-Cat


In the world of feline urban legends, probably the strangest of all is the Half Cat. Since the 19th century people around the world have claimed to have seen cats missing their pelvis and back legs. Someone even wrote a history on the subject. Don't believe me? Check out Half-Cat.com. Personally, I always considered it to be a load of rubbish, Janus Cats I could believe, but Half-Cats?? Then I came across an artist who had physical proof of an actual Half Cat. Behold the story of of Anakin:

Like in many parts of the country, Carrie's dad worked somewhere wooded enough to have a feral cat community living out on the edges of civilization. Carrie's mother noticed that one of the cats seemed handicapped, mentioned it to Carrie and she went out and caught him when he was still a tiny kitten. It's not like a kitty can run that far with only half the legs of its brethren!

He quickly acclimated to his new domestic life and became fast friends with the other furry inhabitants of Carrie's home. As would be expected, he had some medical issues, but nothing truly dire and bops around enjoying life as an extraordinary looking cat with a blissfully ordinary life.

And what of the other cats in the feral community? Well, Carrie's father fed them for quite a while, but he was retiring and concerned what would happen to them afterwards. There was talk of calling animal control or even just shooting them with a hunting rifle. Clearly this was unacceptable and the Hawks family quickly researched feral rescue groups in the area. They found Jury Duty, who not only provided information and traps, but also came out and helped catch all four of the kittens still out there. Over the next week their combined efforts led to the whole feral community being captured. They were all vaccinated, neutered and living with a 70 year old woman who kept a feral cat sanctuary on her property. Two the cats decided to become house pets and the others to this day frolic with abandon in the woods a couple hours outside of Pensacola.


Author: Carrie Hawks

Adaption: Marjorie Skiba

Photographer: Carrie Hawks

About the Author: Carrie Hawks lives in Pensacola, Florida with her husband, son, daughter and their furkids, Anakin, Trixie, Pixie, Mika, George & Zoe (all cats) & one dog named Buddy. When not making beautiful artwork, which you can see here, she likes to spend time with her family and take trips. You can learn about Anakin and his pals at his website http://AnakinTwoLeggedCat.com and see his videos on YouTube at http://www.YouTube.com/Tigerpixie

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