Happy 50: Holly


Holly is a 15 year old terrier lab mix (we think); although we say that she is only ¼ dog. Her other parts are cat (sneaky, independent behavior), fox (appearance) and deer (gracefulness).

I took Holly in back in 1998, when she was 2 months old. A friend of mine had picked her up at a flea market, where some kids had a dog that’d given birth to a litter. Apparently, the kids’ dad had told them that either they find homes for the pups or he was going to drown them (hello cruel!). So, my friend took Holly in, mainly for her little girl, and then found out that she wasn’t in a good position to keep a dog. I told her I’d take Holly. Even at a very young age, Holly showed signs of being a wily little thing. My little house had 2 bedrooms, one of which I kept gated off so that my cat, Tabitha, could have a quiet space to herself. I began noticing that Tabitha’s food seemed to be disappearing at an unexplained rate. But I couldn’t figure out why. After all, it was resting safely in Tabitha’s baby-gated room. I soon found got some answers. One night as I was just drifting off to sleep, both of the dogs with me, I heard a jingling sound. The precise jingling sound that a dog’s collar makes when a dog is running, jumping and generally being active. I sat upright, just in time to see Holly clearing the gate, landing right inside Tabitha’s room. The little booger! She had been nestling up against me not a minute before. I think she had been lying there with her head on my chest, watching my breathing, waiting for just the right moment. After getting over my surprise, I had to admit that I was also impressed. What a smart little dog she was turning out to be!

Holly is still a young-at-heart, spry dog and she is still up to her old tricks from time to time. She keeps life interesting in our household, that’s for sure!

Author: Angela Mitchell

About the Author:

Angela Mitchell lives in Ohio with her husband, two adorable dogs and two charismatic cats. When not working on her delightful comic Trixie’s Tale, which you can read here, Angela likes to make quilts and travel. She once did a 4,000 mile road trip with her husband, during which they drove Route 66, took a wrong turn in Albuquerque and ended up scooping poop at an animal rescue facility in southern Utah.