Happy 47.5: Butch of Sumatra


Butch was born in Sumatra among the evening smells of nasi goreng (fried rice), the chatter of jungle monkeys, and exotic calls to prayer.

His human was an ex-pat living there for work in the oil industry and she already had a cat, a gray tabby named Buster, who wasn't so sure he needed another feline in the house. When Nita first brought Butch home, she had him stay in the garage, so no cat fights would break out. Being an ginger tabby, Butch longed for companionship and took to hanging out with the fruit bats in the rafters. Nita finally decided to let Butch into the house and the speculated big fight took place. Happily after the two had tussled a bit they came to an agreement and have gotten along since.

Indonesia isn't like the industrialized countries of the west. There were no kibbles and cans of cat food to buy, so Nita's cook made them special meals from rice and fish. There was no commercial cat litter, but a service company nearby provided sacks full of wood shavings for them to use... to find out more, well, you'll have to read the book.

Content provided by Nita 

Edited by Marjorie Skiba

Nita is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of her picture book all about Butch and his three adopted Sumatran alley cat siblings' globe trotting adventures. Click here to check it out!

Butch in Oman.jpg

Above is an excerpt from the book.