Happy 71: My Rab Cat

My fiancee and I went to a pet shelter a month or so ago, knowing that we wanted to adopt a cat that probably wouldn't get adopted otherwise. This shelter has a tag for each animal that includes their age, whether they were given up or brought in as a stray, and when they came in.

We ended up deciding to narrow down based on the combination of "how old is this cat?" and "How long has this cat been here?" And that was how we found Tippy. He was brought in as a stray and estimated to be about five years old...in August of last year. He's not good with people, he's very good at scratching at people when he doesn't want picked up or cuddled, and my fiancee and I fell in love with him instantly.

 I was a little worried that they'd want to put Tippy down, since we were taking so long to be able to get him. I don't know if the shelter in town is no-kill or not, and if they aren't, Tippy was there for 15 months and four days when we finally got him, and he's six years old, and he's not social in the way that people want.

I was reading one of the Seeking Shelter stories with Rab Cat a couple of days ago and it made me giggle to think that my fiancee and I are probably adopting our shelter's version of Rab Cat. When we asked what his adoption fee was (the fees for cats range from 5-85 dollars) the receptionist vaguely waved a hand and went "Five dollars". My fiancee was in the "Meeting Room", a nice quiet little room with some toys where you can get acquainted with a cat without all of the other animals around, and I was filling out paperwork, while the two volunteers were frantically calling all of the other volunteers and people who work there. "Tippy's getting adopted!!! No really, they're filling out paperwork! I know! They've met him, they know he's not always...good with people, that he doesn't really like cuddles..." I genuinely think that the people who work there were as excited about Tippy finding a home as we were to find a cat that we fell in love with so quickly.

My fiancee's mother came up (we texted her a picture of Tippy-two minutes later she called. "You got a cat???!!" She came up to visit a day later. Mind you, we've been trying to get her to visit for a couple months..."Oh you got a cat I'll be right there!") and brought us a cat tower/scratching post that she had gotten for her two kitties, who had looked at it, walked around it, and ignored it from that point on. Tippy loves that it has a little cubby hole, hidey hole, where he can go chill out.

And we're so proud of him-we usually leave the door to our room open, because Tippy isn't exactly a runner. He'll wander towards the open door, stand in the doorway for a couple minutes, and then come running back. But last night, he actually was outside the room (barely, but it counts!) for maybe three seconds.

A new home is difficult enough for most cats, let alone one that isn't exactly a people person (people cat?), but he's hiding underneath my clothing stand now, and slowly warming up to us.

Author: Erin

Illustrator: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Erin lives in Kentucky, with her girlfriend and sweet kitty. She enjoys reading fantasy stories and knitting strange creations, most recently a pair of wings.

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