Happy 49: Julie's Menagerie


Growing up Julie had always had dogs: labradors, golden retrievers and the like. Her parents had most recently bought their second border terrier, a sweet, well behaved little dog, who enjoyed sitting on laps as much as she did anything else. Julie was in love and since her parents weren't parting with Abby, she contacted the breeder and secured an adorable boarder puppy of her own. She named her Bella.

Bella was every bit as wonderful as Julie had hoped, but once she had a furry baby in the house, she suddenly had a hankering for others. 

As a child, she'd had a cat named Trouble who she loved more than all the candy in the world and so now she decided to get a couple cats. This time instead of going to purveyor of purebreds she decided to try the local shelter. They had a couple calicos (one dilute and one regular) who had been in foster care. These pussy cats were very bonded and very sweet. 


They seemed like good kittens to be adopted into a home with a puppy and a kid....

It worked out very well indeed.


Now the house was pretty full, but Julie's sweetheart had always wanted a large dog. They decided to go back to the shelter and see if they had any puppies. In fact, they'd just had a shipment sent up from down south and there was a soulful little black dog in desperate need of a home. Like cats, the black ones have a lot of trouble getting adopted. So they brought Max home.


And Max grew.


And grew.


And grew!


Now their family was complete: two cats, two dogs (one big and one small), two parents and one happy kid. What more could anyone ask for?

Photographer: Julie

Narrator: Marjorie Skiba based on conversations with her sister-in-law

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