Happy 44: Trixie's Tale


Trixie came into our lives at a time when our lives needed some healing. My husband, Eric, and I had just lost our beloved Lab/Great Dane mix, Mo, to bone cancer earlier that year. This was one of the most difficult times I’ve ever gone through. Mo was the kind of sweet dog that makes people become “dog people”. Watching him go through such a painful experience and then losing him was really tough. On top of that, even though we were just newlyweds, my husband and I were struggling with issues in our marriage that almost put that to an end as well. We certainly were not looking for another dog. At that time, we had Holly, our other dog, and three cats. Our hands and house were full. We spent most of that year just trying to keep our heads on straight, between Mo’s surgery and chemo, and marriage therapy and new house, new job for me…ugh. As the year was coming to a close, our next door neighbor, Leanna, ended up with a 2 month old puppy. A friend of hers had the puppy and couldn’t keep her due to landlord issues. So, when the friend told Leanna that he was going to drop the puppy off in the dog park and hope someone took her home, Leanna refused to let that happen. Even though she had her own hands full with a youngster and new baby and dog of her own, she took the puppy in rather than let it be dumped off in December in 20F weather. Planning to find the puppy a home, she asked if we were interested. Eric whole-heartedly wanted to take her in. I was on the fence, simply because of all the above-mentioned issues. I gave in, not being able to resist her cuteness. We named her Trixie, after one of my childhood book favorites, Trixie Belden. Turns out, Leanna told us later she was kind of hoping we would take the puppy, who reminded us all of Mo.

Trixie, mostly black lab with a touch of Siberian husky (we think), has turned out to be such an awesome dog. She is loving and kind, and a bit serious, just what you might expect from that mix. She is a peacekeeper if there are ever issues (between people, between dogs, you name it). She loves to help with household chores, just needs to be taught and she takes to it. For instance, we washed all of hers and Holly’s stuffies one day, and driven by concern or curiosity, she watched us take them out of the washer and place into the dryer. Then she came back when we took them out of the dryer, just to make sure they were still there, I suppose. Now, anytime laundry is being done, she is right there and will pick things out of the dryer or take items as we pick them out for her.

Trixie was the first puppy that Eric had ever raised, and he has a special bond with her, being largely responsible for all the training that she has had and how well she has done. I’m eternally thankful that he steered us towards taking her in. She is a sweetheart and I can’t imagine life without her. She is such a special dog that I began a comic strip in 2011 loosely based around her life and adventures.

Author: Angela Mitchell

About the Author:

Angela Mitchell lives in Ohio with her husband, two adorable dogs and two charismatic cats. When not working on her delightful comic Trixie’s Tale, which you can read here, Angela likes to make quilts and travel. She once did a 4,000 mile road trip with her husband, during which they drove Route 66, took a wrong turn in Albuquerque and ended up scooping poop at an animal rescue facility in southern Utah.