Happy 47: Nemo's Epilogue


Bill had just lost his cat. He was heart broken and couldn't stand to spend another moment in his  empty apartment, just him and the memories of his lost companion. So he decided to adopt a new cat. He called up every shelter in the area asking if they had any females, roughly three years old and that he would adopt one right away. No one was willing to work with him. They said he had to wait a week, they said he had to come in, they just didn't want to talk to him at all…Bill was 68 with heart problems, he didn't need this crap. Then at a local pet shop he ran into the owner of Cat Assistance. She was happy to comply, picked out a tuxedo from the shelter she ran out of her home, a cat in her estimation almost as hard to get adopted as a black one, and drove her to his house.

Bill named the kitty Jeanie and instantly fell in love. She was everything he could want in a feline companion, even sleeping on his bed every night. He was so grateful that he started volunteering for the rescue organization. He'd go to the pet shop and tell potential adopters about the various merits of any cat. About a year later, the owner sent him a letter asking if he'd be interested in adopting a second cat. She had a young tuxedo, very skittish and semi-feral, who was nigh un-adoptable and she hoped maybe he'd take her in. Bill agreed and this is how Nemo came into his life.

He'd seen Nemo a couple times at adoption events, cowering in his cage, so imagine his surprise when the little tom instantly took to his new surroundings. He was transformed into a happy affection kitty. Jeanie loved having a new companion. She'd once had a litter of kittens and decided to adopt Nemo as her own baby. The two became inseparable. For the first time since Bill had adopted her, Jeanie chose for a single night, to not sleep with him, but with Nemo instead!

Sometime later Bill had to go in for heart surgery. He spent 50 days in the hospital and all he could think about were his kitties. When he finally came home, they came bounding across the hall to him and he knew there was no better medicine than spending time with his cats.

Clearly the feline community knew a good thing when they saw it. He ended up feeding some local strays and one of the neighbor's cats upped and moved in with him. Well…moved onto a special built shelter on his porch for a few months until Bill could convince him to check out the interior. Five years later, Bill is joyfully living with three cats, one big happy interspecies family.


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Below are photographs of Nemo and his siblings.

Nemo Pics.png