Happy 24: Chauncey's Epilogue


When Chauncey was pulled off the streets of Yonkers, he had a brother who was captured at the same time named Bo. Bo and Chauncey were very similar in personality, both tough, jaded little street cats who trusted no one and relied on nothing, but in looks they were complete opposites. Where Chauncey was was skinny, scruffy and squinty, the sort of cat that is politely referred to as an American Short Hair, Bo was plump, luxuriant and handsome enough to have been named Beau. Any shelter that housed him would surely have put Maine Coon mix on his profile description.

Both kittens were fostered by different people, but declared tamed at about the same time. The ended up occupying the same cage at the Briarcliff shelter, brothers united at last. Unsurprisingly, soon after their arrival a woman came in and instantly fell in love with fluffy Bo. She wanted to take him home that very day. The shelter worker obligingly went to put Bo in a traveling box, but Bo was having none of it. Too long had he been separated from his littermate and he was not being dragged off to the unknown without his little brother! 


Bo held on tight like Chauncey was the most important thing on earth, the dignified brown tabby reduced to a panicked mewling kitten. The woman was moved by his show of brotherly affection and decided if Bo wouldn't let go of his brother, then she had no choice but to adopt both kittens together!

To the best of my knowledge to this day the boys are living happily somewhere in the Hudson valley with their patient and loving human. 


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