Happy 21: Shy Mocha


This is Mocha, she’s a pitbull mix I found on Petfinder. The poor abused sweetie is a rescue and suffers from agorophobia. Of course, the rescue didn't tell me her real story, because they tried to put her in her best light, but I found out later that she had been dumped at a no-kill shelter, who brought her to the local pound!!! And all just because they thought she was un-adoptable due to her cowering, the poor girl. 

 A worker at the pound thought it was a shame to put down a dog just because she was shy. He adopted her and kept her until a spot became open for her in a rescue that specialized in pit bulls.  They took her in, socialized and trained her.  From there I adopted her and I could write a book! For the first 4 months we owned her, my ex-husband and I had to take her down the stairs by manually moving each paw with our hands, one at a time,  down the stairs to get her outside to do her business.  But she loves all cats and Missy, especially just adores her.

When I first adopted Mocha, I had a 19 year old cat named Spike. Spike and Mocha lived happily together until Spike died of old age at 21 ½.  Spike taught Mocha everything she knew about cats, because as far as I know, Mocha’s only other prior exposure to cats was when she was crated in foster homes. She saw her foster parents’ cats walk by, but never really met them. The person who owned the rescue I adopted Mocha from showed me how to “work” Mocha with cats, and Spike had vast experience with dogs, so everything went smoothly from the start.  

I’m so happy that Missy and Mocha became such fast friends, as Mocha really missed Spike when he died. The way Mocha expressed her loss was to tear up the white-with-green-ivy comforter that she shared as a bed with Spike. So here she is on a deluxe 4-inch memory foam bed with a fuzzy brown blanket on top that she shares with Missy, hopefully for many happy years to come.


Author: Kathleen

Photographer: Kathleen

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Kathleen lives in Florida with her 2 cats and sweet pit bull. When not out making the world a better place for our feline pals, she enjoys the beach, freshwater springs, and buying and selling out-of-print books. 


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