Happy XVIII: Teacher's Pet

He was a tiny ball of orange fuzz running wild in the neighborhood. He weighed just a bit over two pounds. A neighbor who feeds her cats outside saw him streak through her yard, this fierce tiny kitten, actually trying to chase away big grown cats so he could get some food. It took two weeks of trying before the neighborhood could catch hi,. When she showed the tiny ball of scratching biting wild cat to Ms.S, who asked if she could hold him, the neighbor warned her to be very careful.

But when Ms. S. took him, the wild little kitten went limp in her arms. he touched her face with his big funny looking paw, looked at her with his strane olive colored eyes, and began to purr. What could she do? Ms. S. had a cat.


His nose was scratched. His ear had a ding in it it and the vet said he might have Feline Leukemia. But Ms.S. gave him a little basket to sleep in, dry cat food, and lots of love.


She thought he needed a powerful name to help him grow strong, so she named him D’artagnan after the strong, brave, naive country boy who allied himself with the three musketeers.

Soon he outgrew his basket,


then his shoebox. 


Now he is a big, strong, handsome, amber eyed gauard cat, hunter chief exterminator and proud king of the house.


But in the night, when he thinks everyone is asleep, although he has long since outgrown this, his old kitten cuddle spot, undaunted he still lies down on Ms. S’s side, squeezing at least part of himself under her arm where he softly purrs in the dark.


D'artagnan's story was originally written by Ms. Sat the request of her students to be read on the school's news channel during their school wide Anima Awareness/Adopt a Stray or Shelter Animal week. 

Author: Ms. S

Photographer: Ms. S

Digital Adaption and Photo Editing: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Ms. S teacher, and docent at Zoo Miami, lives, works and plays among wonderful people in South Florida, who enjoy pleasures and adventures of having "too many" rescue creatures, yards full of humming birds, butterflies, small brown lizards, a few large, bright emerald green Cuban anoles, occasional suburban possums and raccoons, and the pride of her neighborhood, the stuningly beautiful, wild, self absorbed, boss of the block, Pete the Peacock.


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