Happy 19: Friend of the Ferrets

A sad, but common tale, a young ferret was purchased at a pet store as a gift for a little kid. The parents said that the ferret was her responsibility, she was in charge of feeding her new charge, giving her water, cleaning her cage and giving her all the attention she needed. This is a pretty heavy burden for a 10 year old and unsurprisingly the child got distracted life. Thus the poor little ferrets food bowl got neglected and the helpless critter became skinnier and skinner. What is truly shocking is that the parents never checked to see that their offspring was keeping up with her responsibilities, maybe they were busy with work or perhaps they simply didn’t have much regard for other mammals. Whatever the case may be, the little mustelid wasted away until she was practically a skeleton with fur over her. That’s when the parents finally noticed their daughter’s neglect and called Joanne at Too Many Ferrets to take her away.

The little ferret was ravenously hungry for she had a great will to live and it was an effort to keep her dish full, but Joanne did her best. Slowly the critter put on weight and after two weeks of feasting, she became plump as a young ferret should be and very active. She’s currently enjoying her life at the ferret shelter and dreaming of her forever home.


 Sometime ago a pair of male ferrets came to the shelter. They were given up because their owners were moving to a place they said did not allow pets. They were about 3 years old at the time and very stressed to be moved to a whole new environment.Yet despite their recent trauma they were very interactive with humans, more so than the average ferret and it seemed a shame that they couldn’t get as much attention as they deserved in the shelter. 

Unsurprisingly, they were passed over many times by potential adopters, because of their age. Like other animals, people prefer to adopt young, to enjoy as many years as possible with their animal companions. However finally someone came along recently who didn't care that they were not really young, all he saw saw was their eagerness to interact and the bright anticipation of play clear on their faces. So happily this looks like it’s it, their forever forever home, where they'll have their own human and not have to vie for attention with 20 other ferrets. 

Author:  Joanne

Artist: Marjorie Skiba

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author:   Joanne runs a ferret shelter out of her home called Too Many Ferrets. When not rescuing adorable mustelids, she professionally rehabilitates local wildlife.

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