Happy 16: Dearest Dorkface

His name is actually Felix, but affectionately, I call him Dorkface, because he always has this bug-eyed clueless look about him that makes me laugh. He's also has this adorable meow that reminds me of an answering machine "beep!" What a strange little guy! He's very protective of me and the other cats and can also become very jealous when I give the other kitties too much attention. He truly has the nature of a stubborn little boy. :) I've never met a cat with so much character! With a funny face like this, how can you ever say no?


My husband and I adopted Felix 7 or 8 years ago from a local Los Angeles shelter. He was 2 months old then and I still remember the way he mewed at us when we walked by. The instant we opened the cage door, he was in our arms and climbing onto our shoulders as if to give us a big hug while asking us to take him home. (And years later, he still loves to "hug.") Felix is truly a part of our family and I cherish every day that he's in our lives!

Creator: Leen Isabel

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Creator:  Leen Isabel lives in Los Angels with her husband and cat. The image is an excerpt from her old hysterical blog Dork Face Kitty, which you can check out here. She currently writes a pole dancing webcomic, which is equally funny and can be accessed here. When not being a pin-up artist who exhibits her work around the country, Leen enjoys playing a myriad of video games, watching her husband's kendo matches and practicing pole.


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