Happy 15: Backpack Q. Packyderm

Packy March 2 1979 cropped.jpg

We had just moved into our house, a one story affaire in the middle of a new well wooded development. In August 1978, and were outside trying to figure out how we wanted to landscape it. Along came this adorable longish-haired calico kitten (pretty young, although now I don't remember her exact age at the time) with a BEAUTIFUL tail, and she immediately started rubbing up against our legs, trying to make friends. As a cat lover, I was immediately taken in.   Even Chuck, who was not particularly fond of cats, found her to be impressive.

But she was not satisfied being at ground level. She wanted to see what was happening from the human point of view. So she climbed up the leg of my pants, and perched herself on my back. And on the backs of everyone else with whom she came in contact. Hence the name. And she continued to do that as long as we had her with us...

Author: Lois 

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Lois lives with her husband on the east side of the United States. She enjoys reading, searching for shells on the beach and the endless challenge of yard work.