Happy 20: The Wild Ones


I guess this all started when my friend and her hubby ended up staying at a local hotel while her house was being renovated and she noticed a colony of feral cats living in the woods close by. When a mama cat showed up with kittens, she managed to capture one and tame her down. 

Kathleen showed me a pic of this ridiculously tiny black kitten sitting in the soap dish in the tub... OK, I had to meet this little one! She allowed me to handle her, and I decided she needed to come home with me; I was quite concerned that this little cat might end up back in the woods; outside and unprotected is not where a black cat needs to be over Halloween.. sigh...  and so Lady Agatha Heterodyne (Girl Genius!) came to live with me.

By January, Mama Cat had another litter of kittens -- she managed to trap two of the four kittens this time, and also got Mama Cat!  Well, by then I'd lost my 18 year old cat, Loki, and Agatha had no one to hang around with -- my other kitty, Eris, doesn't actually believe the planet needs other cats, and all she ever does is swear at Agatha.  

Now Vanamonde was past that magic period where it's actually easy to tame 'em down, so he was more suspicious... still is!  I decided to take him so Agatha'd have another kitten to play with, and distract her from Eris, LOL!  It worked, BTW -- they are totally devoted to each other!  I almost wonder if she knows he's her little brother..

The Wild Ones.jpg

In fact, as I write this he's camped out beside me right now.. but you just try to reach for him from standing...and he’ll jump away!  

Author: Athena

Photographer: Athena

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Athena lives in Florida with her three cats. She enjoys poking around online, being cat furniture and making jewelry.