Happy 8: Piko the World's Snuffliest Cat


Author: Stevie Wilson

Artist: Stevie Wilson

About the Creator: 

Stevie lives in NYC with her two cats. When not updating her Tumblr account with poignant and beautifully depicted feminist commentary, she likes to sculpt, cast jewelry and make costumes

You can check out her other comics and art on her Tumblr account. Click here for the link!

Afterword by Marjorie Skiba

Stevie's tale brings up a common rescue conundrum, should one adopt a kitten or an adult cat? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. From a purely altruistic stand point a kitten has much better chances of being adopted than an adult cat; depending on the shelter, an adult could be stuck there for years before finding a forever home. However, kittens are often too young to be vaccinated against distemper, the scourge of shelters everywhere, and thus at great risk of succumbing to disease before ever finding a family. From a personal needs perspective, an adult cat's personality is already apparent, you know exactly who you are adopting, but on the other hand with a kitten you have the opportunity to raise the little guy and shape his personality to some degree.  Weigh in, what are your thoughts on this topic and which would you, or have you, chosen to adopt and why?