Happy 10: Patsy and Grizzly Part I


Diane’s Great Pyrenees had passed away and she missed having a canine companion at home. One night while out on a date with her husband, she announced that they were not going to the movies, but instead going to pick up a dog. Diane had been in communication with a woman who had foolishly decided while on maternity leave to get a puppy. When she had to go back to work, the poor pup was crated for up to 12 hours a day and with two small children at home, its doubtful anyone had time to take care of her even when they were in the house. Thankfully the new mother realized her mistake and put the pooch up for adoption.

The ad had said it was a four month old labrador. The dog that met Diane and her husband at the door was anything but. She was tiny and delicate with a sharp face, curly white hair and a curved flag tail. But breed hardly matters when it comes to love. Diane had wanted a super affectionate dog and this white fluffy creature was clearly it. 

While sad to part from the three year old she had bonded with, the dog, renamed Patsy, soon became bonded to her new family, especially their young daughter. She lived to extreme old age, sticking around long enough to even see the daughter come home a college graduate.

Orator: Diane (adapted to text by Marjorie Skiba)

Illustrator: Marjorie Skiba

Editor: Michael Skiba

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