Happy 3: Squirrel Story Coda

So the whole squirrel incident happened when I was a freshman. Interestingly enough by the time I was a senior there was this rumor circulating around the dorm... 


That's right, there was this story about a squirrel skittering across the rooftops, ducking down the chimneys and actually sleeping on top of students. It sounds pretty fantastic, right? But the dorms were very old and a lot did have fireplaces. It wouldn't be the first time a critter got down one, but sleeping on students? That was quite shocking.


It probably was the story of the squirrel, exaggerated beyond recognition after countless retellings, woven into something more exciting and funny.

However, I like to think, maybe it was that baby squirrel my sister and I saved, who had fond memories of snuggling the humans, who was merely trying to recapture that feeling of warmth and security.

You can think what you like...

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