Happy 38: Darling Little Monsters


Four years ago I went to the shelter to adopt me a kitty. As I walked down the lines of cages I saw cat after cat that pressed against the front of their cages, full of love and ready for a new home. Then I got to the back of the room and in a cage in the corner were two little chocolate point siamese huddled in the back corner of their cage, shaking and clearly terrified.


It turned out that the lady who they had been taken away from had had almost thirty cats in her house but had provided food for maybe fifteen. As a result these two, despite being full grown, were barely half the size of an adult cat. Well I knew that the other cats were going to get adopted and I just couldn't leave the two shivering wrecks to be put down, so I took them home.

The second I opened the carrier the little buggers ran off and spent the next week hiding behind the fridge.


Well it's taken years of love and pettings and they're still a little skittish but Sif (the bold one) will now crawl into the laps of strangers and they both bully me unmercifully over everything from my bed time to their favourite brands of food.

Author: Jack

Illustrator: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author:

Jack lives in the United Kingdom with his little homicidal fuzzies, Freya and Sif. He enjoys cooking and, as one of the last classically trained blade masters still teaching in the UK, does fight choreography for movies and TV.

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