Happy 36: How Loki Came to Stay


It all started at work...

I work at a large teaching hospital; at the time our department was located in a doublewide outside the main facility. There was a mama cat living underneath the trailer, and of course, kittens.

One of my co-workers decided to collect the kittens one day and took them home. In due course, they were ready for new homes... 

Tom and I had moved out to our new home some years ago, and our cat tribe had diminished from age; we had two elderly cats left, and I decided it was time for some new feline energy. 

I've always had a fondness for black cats, and I know that sometimes they have a harder time finding good homes so... "I'll take the black one!!" ... and when I went to meet my husband that afternoon, there was a tiny black stowaway in my purse.

Tom was somewhat less amused, and was ready to turn the little guy in to our vet, whose office was right down the road from where he worked. When the vet informed him that he could leave the cat, but it'd cost him $40 for the shots & neutering, he mumbled under his breath and off we went, kitten and all.

When we got him home, the little kitten's first official act was to burrow into a hole in the interior of the couch that we never knew existed -- we had had neutered adult cats for long time, and none of THEM had ever gone into the couch...

So now there was a kitten wandering around in the mainsprings of the couch; poor Tom ended up having to remove part of the backing of the couch to retrieve Friend Kitten. Once the kitten had been collected and the couch backing stapled back into place, Tom plunked down with the little kitty tucked into the palm of his hand, held him up and said "NOW what am I supposed to do with you?"

The little cat reached out and gently touched Tom's nose with his tiny paw -- Tom melted! "All right, cat... you can stay..!! Guess we'll call you Loki -- you cause enough trouble..!" 

Loki "chose" me and really wanted to be my Personal Cat, but he wasn't able to take over that job immediately -- that was Ming's job, and he brooked no rivals. It was not until Ming died that Loki was able to take on that responsibility, which he fulfilled well. 

Loki was not a great hunter, as Ming was, but he was ambitious. Often I'd hear him making that chittering hunting cat noise -- the one they make when they see something they'd like to hunt but can't get at. There he'd be, looking out the window into the woods beyond. I'd look out, thinking he'd found a bug or lizard crawling on the window -- not Loki! He had his sights set on bigger game -- MUCH bigger game. What was in the yard beyond the window was not a bird, cat, rabbit or other small woodlands denizen -- he was after deer!! Yup, that was a mama deer grazing in our yard, and my little black cat wanted it. 

He did this consistently over his long life, and I still wonder what he thought he was gonna do with a deer... channeling his inner Florida Panther, I assume..!

Loki lived for 18 years, and helped me through that first awful year of widowhood.. rest well, old friend... 


Author: Athena

Photographer: Athena

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

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About the Author: Athena lives in Florida with her three cats. She enjoys poking around online, being cat furniture and making jewelry.

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