Happy 35: Rescue Magnet

All my pets (five of them) found me.

The oldest, Marshamallow, a 12 year old cat,

used to be my neighbor's cat, 11 years ago.

But one day she walked into my house, and stayed.


She wound up having kittens under my bed.

Five of them.

Three lived, and we gave them away.

She still stayed.



Katie, an 11 year old Chow mix, was found wandering the streets at 4 months old.



Stormfur, a very fluffy cat, was found at 5 weeks old, half dead, with mange, less than a pound, covered in mites, which he gave to me!


Swiffur, his half brother (maybe full, but different litter) is five.

He's identical to Stormful only he has short hair.



And then there's Ginger, just turned four.

She's a terrier/poodle mix (by tthe looks of her),

and a student of mine who worked at the local pound sent me her picture,

and I adopted her as soon as I could,

despite me having a broken toe and hobbling on crutches!



Those are my family members!

Oh, and I do have a couple of TWO legged ones, as well!


Author: Barbra Nightingale

Editor: Marjorie Skiba

About the Author: Barbra lives in Florida with her family. As a senior professor of English it is unsurprising that her passions include reading and writing, with some beading thrown in for spice! 


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