Happy 33: Mimer Gatzer


Mimer Gatzer was a lady through and through, feminine, fastidious, and possessed of a highly developed, droll sense of humor. We understood each other completely from the start.

I had a friend who kept insisting that now that I was no longer living with the animal allergies of others, I should get a cat. I had considered a number of potential candidates but that special connection was just not there for me. I was, it seemed, looking for an amazing cat.

One evening my cat insistent friend left, and returned almost immediately, knocking insistently on my front door, hands full of furry feline. This is it. This is the one. I have found your most amazing cat. 

The cat looked knowingly at me with her yellow green eyes shining out of a pretty little heart shaped face, long gray hairs flowing gracefully from her ears, slowly twitching tail thick and marvelously fluffy, round snowshoe paws with black pads, long hair between all of her toes, her lovely stripey gray tabby body fur not able to hide her skinny ribs,  a half-ling: older than little kitten, not yet a full grown cat.

Where did you find her? I asked. She was under my car was the reply. But how do we know she does not belong to someone in the neighborhood? Well, just look at her ribs. But she is so friendly, she must be a people cat. I can't just appropriate her. What if her people are frantically searching for her?

The vet said to feed her, and let her out to roam during the day, so if she wanted she could find her way back home. For me it was a trying time.

It took 2 weeks and a lot of asking and searching to find out that she had formerly belonged to a neighbor who passed away. His wife had banished her to the outdoor patio and was no longer around enough to feed her regularly. So with the neighbor's okay, Mimer and I claimed one another, and the rest is history....

Author: Mrs. S

About the Author: Ms. S teacher, and docent at Zoo Miami, lives, works and plays among wonderful people in South Florida, who enjoy pleasures and adventures of having "too many" rescue creatures, yards full of humming birds, butterflies, small brown lizards, a few large, bright emerald green Cuban anoles, occasional suburban possums and raccoons, and the pride of her neighborhood, the stunningly beautiful, wild, self absorbed, boss of the block, Pete the Peacock.  

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