Stories by Marjorie Skiba

Squirrel Story

A two part story about an abandoned baby squirrel. 

Crow Story 

Marjorie and her sisters find a baby crow. 

Ingegmar the Undying 

The story of an extraordinary pet rabbit.

Herding Sheep

A childhood adventure involving saving sheep from perceived danger.

Cote Who Followed Us Home

The story of how the Silverman sister's acquired a cat off the streets.  

Clever Oliver and Fat Fred

The story of a cat who thought he could change the world. 

Alexander Graham Belle

The story of pooch with identity issues. 

Emmett Houdini Silverman Skiba

All about the real "Abner".

Stories by Other Creators

The Trials of Templeton 

Cassie Graus' story about how she got her cat Templeton. 

 Piko the World's Snuffliest Kitten

Stevie Wilson's comic about getting her cat Piko. 

Hazel's Story

Matt Gross' comic about acquiring his cat Hazel. 

 Dearest Dorkface

Leen Isabel's sweet comic and story about how she got her little tuxedo cat.

When Sami Met Daisy

R.B. Smith's heartwarming account of how she acquired two kittens. 

Emma's Companions

Emily Lysyk introduces us to all her cats. 

Trixie's Tale

Angela Mitchell's account of how she acquired her dog, now the star of her own comic.


Angela Mitchell's account of how she got her first dog.

A Cat in Hand is Better Than One in a Bird Cage

Megan Lavey-Heaton's account of how she acquired her three kitties.

Stories by Bloggers

Cool Myles

Kate Gorman's account of how she got her black tom.  

How My Cat, Quint, Came to Make My Life Better

Brett Fernau tells the story of how fate brings together a homeless stray kitten and people who needed him.

Anakin the Real Half Cat

Carrie Hawks tells the story of how she got her special needs kitty.

Ms. Tuxedo

Carolyn Jones reports on a homeless woman whose life is turned around by the friendship of a cat.

Stories by Other Animal Lovers

Double Rescue 

Cats, rescued twice. 

Patsy and Grizzly 

A two part story about a couple rescued dogs. 

The Return of Erskin Butterball

An orange fluff ball of a kitten finds a home with Rikki and her family. 

The Cloud Kittens

In which Rikki comes out of deep mourning to adopt a couple kittens.

The Tale of Gale and Duckers

Rikki recounts the story of how her friend saved a duckling.

Learning to be a Cat

The kitten that was weaned too soon.

Backpack Q. Packyderm

The cat who wanted to be up high. 

Ivan the Terrible

A rough and tumble street dog gets a new chance at life. 

Mustelid Mania

The story of a man and the many ferrets he's had throughout his life.

Teacher's Pet

An ginger tabby kitten pulled off the street. This post is full of feline eye candy. Contributed by Mrs. S.

Mimer Gatzer

Mrs. S finds her perfect cat...under a car. Contributed by Mrs. S.

Friend of the Ferrets

The owner of a ferret shelter shares two stories of mustelids who have come to her for sanctuary.

How Loki Came to Stay

A sweet black tom finds an exceptional home. Contributed by Athena

The Cat Who Made Us Hers

Athena recounts how she first came to adopt cats and why she has a soft spot for the black ones.

The Wild Ones

How a feral kitten came to love the soft life. Contributed by Athena.

The Wild Ones B Side

The feral kitten story told from the point of view of the woman who found her. Contributed by Kathleen.

Shy Mocha

How a very sweet Pit Bull mix got her forever home. Contributed by Kathleen.

Honoring Cookie

The life of a former street cat.

Rescue Magnet

Dogs and cats just keep coming her way!

Darling Little Monsters

Two unadoptable kitties are given a chance.

Mistaken Identity

A man adopts a weimaraner mistaken for a pit bull.

First Mischief

A vet tech student saves a rat and decides she needs to adopt more.

Amazing Gracie

An unplanned shizi puppy finds a home.

Evil Walks Among Us

A kitten scheduled to be euthanized get a chance at life with a very patient home.

Julie's Menagerie

One good rescue leads to wanting to adopt another.

The Cats of San Juan

An entire feral colony's standard of life is improved.

A Very Scottish Scotty

A woman takes a new dog into her life.

Tony's Pals

Tony the Painter relates the story of his three closest cat companions.

Lucky's Tale

Laurie D takes in an orphaned kitten.

The Tale of Harley

Laurie D brings a tabby cat back from the brink of starvation.

Dee Ramone

A feral puppy from the deep south gets brought north for the good life.

Stories of Animals Saving Humans

The Best Dorm Mate

A student talks about how having a seeing eye dog transforms his college experience. 

Abby the Working Dog

A Border Terrier fulfills her need to be helpful.

The Goatlies

Goats as brush clearing and poison ivy eradication services.



Mallorie's second foster, the orange female tabby. 

The Feral Kittens

The four kittens Mallorie fought to remove from her closet and had socialized by her friend Melinda. 


Mallorie's fifth foster, a gray female tabby cat. 


Mallorie's sixth foster, the little tabby street kitten who didn't trust humans. 


Mallorie's seventh foster, a neurotic semi-feral tuxedo cat.

Monkey Head

Mallorie's eighth foster, a little black trickster cat.


Mallorie's ninth foster, a tuxedo who liked to hide.


Mallorie's 11th foster, a giant declawed brown tabby.