The Ultimate Lame Duck: Part 1

So for the first year since my husband and I started rating TV shows we watch, we had a majority of A+ shows that weren't anime. On average we end up with 5 truly exceptional anime shows. This year's were: One Punch Man, Dimension W, Erased and My Hero Academics. So only four. However, on top of that other amazing shows we watched were:

1. South Park Season 20: Phenomenal social and political commentary.

2. Luke Cage: Not your typical super hero show. It was done as a homage to blacksploitation films of the 70's, visually spectacular, especially since the almost entirely African cast made it possible to optimize lighting for darker skin tones, phenomenal acting and a plot that seemed particularly chilling and relevant with current events.

3. Jessica Jones: Also a super hero show. It was dark, intense and extremely well written.

4. Stranger Things: I'm guessing you all already know about it. :)

5. You're the Worst Season 2: It managed to make a supremely dislikable cast sympathetic and had an impressively real depiction of coping with chemical depression.

6. Humans: Based on a Swedish drama by the same name. Near future androids that have achieved singularity and all the difficulty that comes with sentient artificial life.

7. The Expanse: An amazing science fiction epic, wonderfully diverse cast, complex plot and great writing.