Yarn: Part 3

I was suggesting a fictional cross-over couple to a friend the other day and as we got deeper into how would it work, she was all encouraging that I should write some fan fiction about it. I'm not. Fan fiction is something I only vaguely understand, I mean if you have that kind of time and energy, why wouldn't you write your own original stuff? Also, I am TERRIBLE at fiction. This strip and the following four are completely fictitious. However, they are, of course, based in the fabric of my autobiographical comic and a short scenario. To have to build a whole world, but more importantly, it to have to write a person's whole life and what the important parts worth sharing with an audience are...I'm really bad at it, which is kind of embarrassing, since being a highly creative person is a big part of what makes up my personality. Ah well. I have the greatest respect for all of you who can and, especially, do write beautiful pure fiction.