The Ultimate Lame Duck: Part 3

My husband and I are big on low friction parenting, we don't fight with our child over things. This means we let him choose his own food. We try to keep things in the house on the healthy and it is rewarding to see that he considers crunchy carrots an acceptable substitute if we're out of ice cream sandwiches and is more interested in humus than chocolate peanut butter cups. He's much more likely to want popped corn than gummy bears. I should point out that not arguing with him means that there are things we give him close to full autonomy on, like food, and things that are non-negotiable, like diapers. If he needs a diaper change and is objecting, I toss him over my shoulder like a sack of grain and take him to the diaper changing spot. I carry him a lot more than most parents I know, because if we're going somewhere, we're going and I'm not going to stand around tugging on his hand while he decides if he really wants to go. I admit, I totally will scoop up my friends' kids too if they're being difficult for their parents. Anyway, winter has been a challenge. When it started getting cold, he wouldn't even wear pants, then he got eczema and decided that he was OK with leg coverings. Then he wouldn't wear a jacket, Or shoes. I bought him nice insulating whole socks, which were a good stop gap, Finally when the temperatures dipped below 30 degrees and we had snow in the course of 24 hours he went from agreeing just to wear boots, to actually hauling all of his snow stuff and mine to the door: gnome suit with built in hat, vest, socks, mittens, boots...It was pretty amazing. It didn't happen the first time he went out in the snow nor the second, but all things considered it was a pretty fast curve and we managed the whole thing without having a drawn out battle with him.