891: Reverse Effect

So when I started this comic I was working, did the drawings in the evenings and all the post work on the weekends. Two years into it I had the baby and couldn't draw in the evenings, because he went to bed real late, so I drew when he napped and did the computer work then as well. I got a lap top, so in the spring when he started only napping in his stroller, I could still keep an eye on him. Eventually he started going to bed at 6PM and I could draw again in the evenings, but he started napping less and less. Many an evening I was too tired to draw and rushing to do the post scan work. As of the day this posts I will have entirely finished drawing Seeking Shelter, I'm going to launch right into the epilogue short stories, but I'm cutting back to 3 times a week. I just can't maintain 5 strips anymore. I also want to work with a more detailed style for the sequel  Infinite Trouble, which the epilogue will transition into. I've already drawn the first strip of the epilogue (back to the cats!) and it's been very enjoyable taking it at a slower pace.