The Bat Part 1

I had jury duty last week. Massachusetts is pretty cool in that they take no exceptions, but have a strict one day or one case rule, so the pool they pick from is massive and the burden is not onerous on any one person. That said, I was pretty unhappy to have to go, since I had never left my husband in charge of my son for so long. They did great. I was pretty stressed. By the design, court houses are claustrophobic mazes that make you feel trapped. I haven’t experienced forced idleness in years and in the end I was deemed unfit to sit on jury for the DUI case, because I know multiple people whose lives have been ruined by drunk drivers. Random fact, did you know that African-Americans served on juries ten years before the civil war, but women weren’t given the right until the 1950’s? Clearly this country just isn’t good at being consistent about its bigotries!