Abi and Al's New Life Part 2

I love listening to Pantsuit Politics podcast. I like that I often disagree with the hosts, both the Republican and the Democrat. It really makes me think. It's even more amazing to me that while their fan base has grown exponentially, both women make a point of answering any correspondence you send their way, maintain both a twitter feed and forums on their website. For people who work full time and are young mothers to boot, it's pretty amazing. I suspect they never sleep. One of the hosts is fond of saying when they talk about bigotry that being a racists, homophobe whatever, does not mean this person is not a good boss or a good parent. I think it's a beautiful sentiment, but the more I think about it, the more I disagree. I would fist like to quantify that I think there is such a thing as benign bigotry, of being a product of your upbringing or just having views that radically differ from the current liberal view point. If someone thinks homosexuality is a sin, unnatural and simply chooses not to have gay friends and associate with queer people beyond the most basic of social niceties, I see nothing wrong with that. Live and let live, think what you want. If someone thinks homosexuality is a sin, unnatural and is actively cruel to such people, lobbies for them to be denied legal rights and takes other steps to harm them, this is true bigotry and it doesn't matter how good a sibling, parent, coworker, spouse, boss, whatever this person is, they are still deplorable. I'm pretty sure every despot or bringer of world suffering out there was good to his or family. You could treat your spouse like an angel, but if you just got back from a lynching, I do not believe your selective good behaviors outweigh the bad.