882: Hired

A mommy coworker was telling me recently about her good fortune, how her husband had gotten a great new job in his field out on the west coast and that they'd be moving there soon. I was surprised, only because I thought said husband had a great job here. He didn't. He had gotten laid off and was working at Target, but that's not what he told me the first time he met. I totally respect that he didn't want to tell a stranger on first meeting that he was working a menial job. On the other hand, I respect him more for doing what he had to, helping supplement his wife's income and support his child and even picking a retail job at a decent company. To me that is the real mark of responsibility, not going on welfare or mooching off relatives, but doing what you have to to get through a rough patch. I'm so glad that he now has a cushy job and they can buy their first house!