880: Diamond Ring

Incest makes my stomach turn. I'm pretty sure most people are totally squicked out by it. Objectively I know the Egyptians did it for whole dynasties, so clearly genetic issues don't kick in right away, but it doesn't dissipate my uncomfortableness with the concept. Heck, I even find relationships with vast age gaps kind of creepy. However now I have ducks. "Line breeding" and "in breeding" are common practice in poultry. One of my three ducklings' father is also her grandfather. Of the two other ducklings, one is biologically related to one of his mothers and I'm pretty sure it's a drake. So now I'm now faced with the question of next spring, do I swap him out for an unrelated male, or should I let him copulate with his own mother. I have no idea which golden girl "sired" him, nor can I tell their eggs apart, so it's not like I could make the call after the eggs are laid. I would like every year to iterate on their progeny, but...incest!