850: The Hard Choice

So the duck situation has gotten down right exciting. Now both my lady ducks have decided to set on the eggs. They only come out of the coop for 20 minutes a day to bathe, stretch their legs and get some greens. Not only do they rotate the eggs, they keep switching who is in the forward or back spot in the nesting box. So far they've pushed two eggs out, one which they actually pushed into the water bowl and stabbed a big hole in it. I guess when the egg is nonviable, they want to get rid of it fully. I ended up selling my tiny drake, Foxfood. He was miserable with the ladies setting and I couldn't leave him out alone for fear that Al Capone would catch him without the Golden Girls giant girth to protect him. He's now swimming on some large pond with a serious flock of ducks. He's actually going to have lady ducks his size!