865: 3 Legged Answer

So, in my experience, declawing is like the abortion issue of the cat world. I've long debated if I'd run this story arc, because it seemed sort of like narrative suicide, but I decided what the heck, lots of other people get hate mail, maybe it's time for me to see the darker side of the internet. It's probably obvious from the previous strips, but my stance on declawing is as follows: declawing is absolutely mutilation, like docking of dogs ears and tails, neutering via castration and circumcision. It is absolutely painful. However, in the case of this particular cat is was necessary. I haven't exaggerated about the scratching, if anything I downplayed the infected lacerations that I was constantly sporting. I have heard that declawing can sour a cat's personality. In the case of Al Capone it did the opposite. He is a fat, happy, even affectionate. It's been more than two years since he last tried to maul me. If you think me a monster for having done this, if you want to send me angry emails, please feel free, the only person I feel beholden to is Al Capone himself and he's not holding a grudge.