862: Same Conclusion

My mother always felt it was very important for us to have control over our own food. She felt that it let us feel like we were in control of our own world and I definitely agree. I've been following the same practice with my son. It worked great until he discovered gummy bears, which I did not consider a healthy food despite the gelatin and fruit juice. We limited his intake pretty severely and managed to get mainly by better language acquisition. First that he learned to say "Gummy Bears", then he learned to say "More Gummies" and most recently when I started suggesting snack options he actually said "How about gummy bears." I realized that by curtailing his intake, they were remaining the most desired food. So I started giving him bigger portions and letting him have them more often. I'm proud to say that as of today, when offered dummies or peanut butter crackers, he opted for the healthy crackers. It's hard to let him be totally free range with his food, but deregulation does seem to yield the best results!