859: So Close

I now know how truly sleepy the next town over is, since the policemen there apparently have enough time to hassle ladies sitting peacefully in graveyards drawing comics. I really would not think this was of interest enough to pull over the patrol car! I will give the officer credit that he asked if the rock I was leaning against was of an ancestor rather than accusing me of sitting on someone else's great great great grandfather. I told him politely that no, this stone belonged to the Thomas family, but it was in fact a plot marker, not a gravestone and I would not lean against an actual gravestone, because this would be disrespectful. He nodded "fair enough." and drove off again. To be honest, I would be thrilled if a hundred years from now a young artist used me for shade and I mainly wouldn't lean against a gravestone, because they are uncomfortable and, in many, cases rather fragile, but I am aware that many people feel that it's an act of desecration to even touch a grave marker. Personally, I think boneyards should be used like parks and that the whole point it to remember those who lived and what greater honor can there be than to read their stones and enjoy life among them.