838 and 839:

When I originally scripted the series, this was actually going to be the final arc: Mallorie finds dead kitten, quits fostering and marries Jon. However I decided that I owed Mallorie the same toughness that me, real life Marjorie, has. Dizzy wasn't my last foster. I fostered a couple more cats after her and I stopped fostering, not because I'd lost my backbone, but because I adopted Al Capone and neither he nor my ginger were particularly happy about me bringing strange cats home anymore. That said, it was a highly disturbing experience and it took years for me to be able to leave a bed unmade without freaking out that some horror might be lying beneath the rumpled covers. I also still beat myself up sometimes for her dying on my watch, despite the fact that from all the evidence, she was a sickly kitten who probably was abandoned by her mother for lack of viability to begin with. OK, a couple days of black jokes follow and then back to the silly and the happy stuff from here on out! The tears are over for this whole series.