826: Child's Play

All I want is a good animal husbandry/gardening podcast, but it has been devilishly hard to find. I like The Heritage Breed podcast, but it updates infrequently. I tried one called What the Cluck. I almost stopped listening to it when she got on a tangent about herbal medicine that clearly works because we've been using it for ages (right, because our mortality rate has been so great through the ages....), but gave her the benefit of a doubt that maybe this stuff does work on chickens and just not humans. However I found the generic car ads inserted at the beginning of the episodes so offensive that I stopped listening. I mean, podcasts should be an intimate, tailored experience. I don't want to hear about buying a Nissan! Most recently I tried Mountain Women, which seemed pretty cool till I got some health interview with a guy who practices biblical health methods. I didn't get far enough to find out what they were. I held on through him ranting that requiring vaccinations is a violation of rights (OK, but then why are you allowed to violate my rights by giving my kid the measles?) and the evils of cell phones and microwaves, but when the woman host actually said that it is the natural order of things for the man to run the household and make all final decisions, I couldn't deal anymore. I'm horrified that anyone could really belief that one spouse should have dominance over the other like that. Is the implication that men are just implicitly wiser? It seems like a can of worms that just screams for sexism.