809: Lion Cut

I was listening to last week's The Moth podcast (yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts). It had a story by an Irish woman about her transgendered child. Listening to it I at first questioned my assumption that the concept of transgender is a failure of society to accept people for who they are and an obsession with applying linking personality traits to one's biological sex, when really gender shouldn't matter at all unless you're trying to make a baby. In other words, from the story it sounded like the parents were encouraging, nurturing and not at all the sort to tell a girl she couldn't do something because she was a girl. However as the story unfolded, example after example of society, school, groups, etc. not letting her be herself or play with whom she liked because she was Girl and they were Boys ensued. So in the end it reconfirmed my theory. People are people. Our personality traits fall somewhere on the masculine-feminine spectrum. Some of us are attracted to the same sex, most of us are attracted to the opposite sex, there are those who are sexually attracted to both. There are people who are biologically male, female and occasionally both and nothing is more destructive to society than telling someone that their reproductive organs should dictate their behavior or the company that they keep. Why can't we just throw the concept of gender out of the window instead of backing poor souls into a corner where they feel like the only way they can be free to be themselves is by cutting off body parts to acquire a new label?