820: Home Visiting

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my current favorite show. It's a searching for comedic romance, but with a surprising 40 minute run time and two musical numbers per episode that are often extremely subversive. For example in the first episode there's a pop piece the "Getting Ready Song" with a rap refrain, where the rapper stops mid song to be horrified at the hoops women jump through to gussy themselves up and walks off camera in disgust saying he has some ladies he needs to apologize to. The episode ends with him actually doing so. The cast is wonderfully diverse, with a Jewish protagonist, a Philippine-American love interest, a boss who proudly announces his First Nations heritage in the first episode, a love rival of Mexican descent and even the secondary love interest is called out as being of Italian ancestry. No one is generically white. It's also the best depiction of Jews I've seen in a show. None of this The Big Bang Theory, Man Meets Woman, Happy Endings cursory Yiddish and reference to stereotypes nonsense, no, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the big guns. Furthermore it's also the best depiction of pole dancing I've ever seen. Seriously, as someone who took a couple years of pole, it's really annoying watching TV showcase these pathetic sequences of women being sexy around poles without getting into any of the cool spins, aerials or crazy stuff you can do on this reclaimed stripper art. It really is a well executed show!