814: Being Naughty

I just scripted out the end of Seeking Shelter (It's somewhere around 950 strips), I can't believe I'm this close to the end! In other news, I've started reading Girl Genius. My husband used to read it, but lost steam when it went online. I'd bought him volume 7, he'd left off at 6, for Chanukah and decided to read them myself. It's incredibly dense and kuddos to anyone who follows it online, because I found reading a page or two at a time in-between toddler's needs tough going, however while I found the beginning a slow burn, once the plot got under way I couldn't stop. It is one of the most original, enthralling comics I've read in a long time with a glorious steampunk world. I'd only read Xenophile by them, so it was neat to see that they can pivot from erotica to all ages mad scientist adventures. If you haven't given it a go, I recommend trying this awesome series out.