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I tried out Blue Apron recently. I had heard it endlessly advertised on Podcasts and found a good promotion. Clearly I was not their target audience, which seems to be people who eat out a lot and are intimidated by cooking. Part of the deal is all you have to do is have salt, pepper and olive oil. The recipes loved that salt and pepper, pretty much every step suggested sprinkling it on, whereas I use coarse ground sea or Himalayan salt that I apply last, so that the flavor is really accentuated. Often times, I found myself wanting to upgrade ingredients with things from my kitchen like animal fat instead of oil to fry the chicken fried chicken in (because it's not oil fried chicken!), my fresh duck eggs instead of the chicken ones or fancier sesame oil, but overall it was a pretty fun experience. I learned a delicious new way to prepare chickpeas. Despite my concerns that the portions looked wrong, they turned out to be just right. I didn't have to think about what I was going to cook for dinner or if I had the ingredients and honestly just getting the giant box of ingredients was fun. At full price it's way above my dinner budget, but it was a nice treat to try once.