800: Stuck

Diversity is a hot word, has been for years and usually coupled with this idea that it is linked to race and culture. My husband is, obviously, male and genetically mainly European, so would be categorized as "white". He's straight, obviously, and upper middle class. This does not fit the image of diversity, yet it's really neat watching him flourish at work, because he became an iOS programmer via a totally different route than most of his coworkers and thus his approach is totally different. He's one of their fastest devs and does good work. He embodies everything one says about a diversity hire and how it improves one's work place, even though he doesn't fit the stereotypical image of a diversity hire. I doubt anyone would want to make him the poster child of their cause, because he'd be pigeon holed as Middle Class White Male, yet I feel like he is a great example of the proof the concept. I heard a podcast talking about if you want more diversity in the work place, you should chance the interview question set. I think that's a really neat idea and I think it really would bear the sweetest fruit. You'd not only get your diverse staff, but also avoid the bias of assuming someone has a different perspective because of how they look. After all diversity really is more than skin deep.