799: Too Many Cats

So I was at the beach with a friend. Her daughter was wearing last year's way too small sandals. Walter expressed interest in them and so she gave them to my son. He loves the strappy white sandals with the fake leather flowers on them. So much that he asked to wear them in the house. Today he asked me to put his dress on him. Why does he have a dress? Well, some friends gave it to him a joke. It's a hand-me-down, a earth colored repeating pattern of tabby kitten faces that her daughter had worn. Walter loves cats (unsurprising, I know). Well, I put on his yellow grub shoes and we went down to city all like that. I was bracing myself for everyone's reactions, but there was nothing, just the usual "Hey Walta!". Then we went to story time at the library, again, no one even batted an eye. They just greeted my son and life went on as normal. Considering how much crap I got when he was a newborn about dressing him in floral prints I was absolutely shocked and delighted. It's nice to know that he can wear whatever he wants and no one cares. Admittedly I'm not sure how many strangers now think I named my daughter Walter, but whatever! My take away is that if you act bold and confident, you can get away with near anything.