776: Cat's Curiosity

Zootopia is one of the best animated films I've seen in a while. The art is attractive and well done. The animals look extremely cuddly and strike a good balance between relatably human and critter-like. The plot was expertly executed and what really run me over was the theme. It was essentially a giant metaphor for The Bad Old Days when it was legal to discriminate against people for being African, Asian, Jewish, First Nations, female, gay etc. Insert prejudice of your choice and it's easy to see the "sly" fox and "dumb" bunny pratgonists as representing it. I saw the movie with my dad and a 9 year old Puerto Rican girl. She loved the humor, was enraged at all the bigotry of the movie, but until we started talking about it, had no idea that there really was a time where you could be refused service at an ice cream parlor for being "that sort" or assumed to be a dishonest because you looked like "that".