786:Stop the Execution

So I'm getting more used to having ducks. The Metzer Farm Golden Layer 300 Hybrids are fascinating to watch. One of them, Burn, has Egyptian style markings around her eyes, is clearly the leader and has a very deep quack, almost a honk. Fox Food, the little Call, follows her everywhere. Dodge (yes, these are bad Photoshop layer jokes), has an entirely brown head and a cleft so deep between her breast bones that it looks like a black line. She's the one I can actually pick up and has a high pitched quack. One of them is laying pink eggs in the coop, while the other lays white eggs in the poopy part of the run and thus need to be washed really good. I suspect Dodge is my pink egg duck and plan to isolate them for a night to see. Ideally, I'd trade whichever is laying the white eggs for some Indian Runners.