784: Birthday Gift

So two of my three Call ducks flew off and my last one was very sad and lonely, so I got him a couple Golden Layer 300 Hybrids. As promised they are amazing layers. Despite a snow storm and other trauma, they still gave me eggs within the first 24 hours! So here is my on going list of why ducks are cooler than chickens.

1. Ducks are self de-lousing.

2. Ducks not only eat ticks and other small bugs like chickens, they also will go after the big stuff like night crawler slugs, frogs and even mice.

3. A good layer chicken may lay 200 eggs tops for the first few years of her life, my Golden girl ducks lay 300+ and even other breeds such as Khaki Campbell and Indian runners, lay a good 250.

4. Chickens are domestic, many like the pugs of the poultry world. Ducks are very close to nature,  just like cats and thus better able to fend for themselves.

5. Chickens need coops and nesting boxes. My ducks won't use their coop. They prefer to sleep and lay on the ground.

6. Chickens gets frost bite. Ducks will happily go swimming in -20 F weather.

7. Ducks are funnier and cuter than chickens.

8. Ducks lay bigger eggs.

9. Ducks will keep their own water from freezing.

Downsides so far are having to change water 1-2 twice a day and that some duck breeds fly off if your accommodations are not up to snuff...

If any of you with backyard chickens want to refute this, I am all ears. ^_^